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An Update On Proposed Gold Mine Near Wisconsin
Documents show that despite concerns about a proposed mine in Michigan near the Wisconsin border, environmental regulators still approved the company's wetlands permit. We look at what those concerns were and get a status update on the project. (Read More)
Tribe has stake in disputed ore mine near Menominee River
Over and over, Michigan environmental regulators sounded alarms as they reviewed a proposed large, open-pit ore mine in the Upper Peninsula near the Menominee River, prized for walleye fishing and a major tributary to Lake Michigan. (Read More)
Documents Show Michigan Regulators Approved Permit For Mining Company Despite Reservations
Documents show Michigan environmental regulators had significant concerns about information submitted on the impacts of a Canadian company's proposed mine on the Michigan-Wisconsin border. (Read More)
Douglas Cox: Back Forty mine will pollute Menominee River
The Menominee River forms the boundary between Wisconsin and Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, and flows into Lake Michigan, feeding an abundant source of clean drinking water for the more than 35 million people. The river has held extremely important spiritual and cultural significance for the Menominee people for millennia. (Read More)
Stateside: Controversial U.P. mine gets key permits
A Canadian company called Aquila wants to build an open-pit sulfide mine on 83 acres of the Upper Peninsula right near the Menominee River. Detroit Free Press environmental reporter Keith Matheny has been reporting on the controversial project. We talk to him about why locals are concerned about the project, and why the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (now the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) approved permits for the mine, after initially raising concerns with Aquila's plans. (Read More)
Upper Peninsula mine approved despite major concerns from DEQ and EPA staff, records show
Over and over, Michigan environmental regulators sounded alarms as they reviewed a proposed large, open-pit ore mine in the Upper Peninsula near the Menominee River, prized for walleye fishing and a major tributary to Lake Michigan. (Read More)
Michigan agency held meeting with Upper Peninsula mine applicant to avoid public records
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality agreed last year to participate in a web meeting with an applicant for a controversial, open-pit mine in the Upper Peninsula, specifically to avoid creating a public record out of information the applicant wanted to show the agency. (Read More)
Dependable or Disaster: Safety of Canadian company’s plans for mining in the U.P. under debate
Mining helped to build the economy of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but it also has courted controversy for its environmental and cultural impact. (Read More)
The Right to Mine: Michigan grants Canadian mining company permits while Wisconsin Menominee tribe fights those permits in court
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has long been the grounds for many battles between mining interests and residents, including several Native American nations. One of the current ongoing conflicts is between the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin and Canadian mining firm Aquila Resources whose slated project threatens their ancestral lands. (Read More)
On River’s Banks, Tribe Defends Its Heritage from Mining Threats
It’s no accident that the river that divides the places known today as Wisconsin and Michigan bears the same name as the Menominee Tribe. The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin lived along the Menominee River for thousands of years, and evidence of their ancestral past — including sacred sites, such as dance rings and burial mounds — still line its banks. (Read More)
Lawsuit Seeks To Block Back Forty Mine In Michigan's Upper Peninsula
A group is suing two federal agencies as part of an effort to block a proposed mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula near the Wisconsin line. (Read More)
Freshman Congressman Mike Gallagher Faces First Re-Election Bid
Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher is being challenged by Beau Liegeois. Liegeois said voters in northeastern Wisconsin are concerned about the basics. 'From drinking water issues in the Door Peninsula to the Fox River cleanup and water quality in the bay of Green Bay to a mine proposal on the Michigan side of the Menominee River that's going to be dumping sulfuric acid into the Menominee River that actually should be a banned practice altogether,' referencing the Back Forty mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (Read More)
Tribe, EPA in court over mine permit
In a courtroom filled with more attorneys than spectators, a federal judge heard oral arguments on the merits of legal action brought by the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin against two federal agencies regarding the wetlands permit issued for the Back Forty Mine in Menominee County. (Read More)
Federal Judge Hears Oral Arguments In Back Forty Mine Case
A federal judge heard arguments Wednesday on who should have permitting authority over a proposed mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. (Read More)
Michigan Grants Final Permit For Back Forty Mine
The state of Michigan has issued a wetlands permit for a Canadian company’s plans to mine gold, zinc and other metals near the Michigan-Wisconsin border. The permit marks the final of several needed for the project to move forward. (Read More)
EPA objects to Aquila mine on Michigan border
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has formally objected to a Canadian company’s plans for a controversial mine along the Wisconsin-Michigan border, saying the company hasn’t demonstrated that public waters would be protected from pollution. (Read More)
With a Canadian company looking to mine gold, silver, and copper on ancestral lands, opponents worry about toxic water and the destruction of Menominee heritage. (Read More)
Stakeholders Nearly Fill Gym For Back Forty Mine Hearing In Michigan
More than 400 people attended a public hearing Tuesday in a Stephenson, Michigan high school to testify about a proposed open pit sulfide mine in the Upper Peninsula. (Read More)
Wisconsin tribe sues federal government over Aquila mine in Michigan's UP
The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin on Monday sued two federal agencies over their handling of a massive mine proposed on land just over the state line in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (Read More)
Public Hearing on Back Forty Wetland Permit - Help Stop the Back 40 Mine
The Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin is urging people to make their views known as the Back Forty Mine proposal enters the wetland permitting phase. Make your voice known by attending the public hearing on Back Forty Wetland Permit on January 23, 2018. (Read More)
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